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Sunset / Moonlight Kayak Tours

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Full Moon paddle - Spruce Run Reservoir, Hunterdon County, NJ (Easy)
Enjoy the quiet peacefulness of paddling under the light of a full moon as it shimmers on the water surface.

Tour dates: Thurs. Jun 28, Fri. Jul 27, Mon. Aug 27
Cost: Single kayak $60, Tandem kayak $90, Own kayak $40

Full Moon Kayak Tour - Spruce Run Reservoir

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Meadowlands - Hudson County, NJ (Easy)
With the NYC skyline as a backdrop you'll be pleasantly surprised to find great paddling in the Meadowlands. The many creeks, sweeping through grassy hills and phragmites, offer an ecological system of tidal waters, where wading birds and other wildlife forage for food in the mud flats at low tide. A great daytime paddle and home to some beautiful sunsets. Witness this unexpected gem right under our noses.

Tour dates: Thurs. Jun 14, Jul 12, 26, Aug 9, 23
Cost: Single kayak $60, Tandem kayak $90, Own kayak $40

Meadowlands - Sunset kayak tour

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Spruce Run Reservoir - Hunterdon County, NJ (Easy)
New Jersey's second largest reservoir is home to some outstanding sunsets. Grassy fields and forest line the shores, eagles soar over the water while hot air balloons frequent the surrounding skies. Cap off your day with a relaxing paddle and some beautiful scenery.

Tour dates: Thurs. Jun 7, Jul 5, 19, Aug 2, 16
Cost: Single kayak $60, Tandem kayak $90, Own kayak $40

Spruce Run Reservoir - Sunset kayak tour

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Statue of Liberty - Hudson County, NJ (Challenging)
With a spectacular view of Manhattan, Liberty State Park is one of New Jersey's most dramatic parks and one of our favorite launch spots. We'll depart from Liberty State Park, paddle out into the Hudson River and circumnavigate Liberty Island. As the sun sets behind her, you'll get an up-close view of Lady Liberty from the cockpit of your kayak. Bring your camera for this unique photo opportunity.

Note: If you are going to use your own kayak on this tour it must be at least 13 feet long and spray skirts are mandatory.

Tour dates: Thurs. May 31, Jun 21, Aug 30, Sept. 6
Cost: Single kayak $90, Tandem kayak $135, Own kayak $60

Statue of Liberty - Sunset Kayak Tour

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