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Kayak Classes

Kayak East instructional kayak classes take you through a progression of skills, like building blocks, to help you construct a framework for better technique, more fun on the water and safer kayaking.

We are enthusiastic and patient teachers, certified by the American Canoe Association (ACA). In addition to possessing the skills necessary to demonstrate proper technique, ACA certification means that we are trained in a wide range of teaching and communication methods so that, through our classes, you will gain the confidence and skills you’ve been looking for. With over 20 years of teaching experience we're sure you will learn and have fun along the way!

Outdoor Kayak Classes (May-Sep)

Intro to Paddling
In this class you'll learn all the basic techniques necessary to get started including: how to get into and out of a kayak, correct paddle handling, forward stroke, reverse stroke, turning and stopping. We'll also introduce the wet exit and assisted re-entry so you will feel safe, comfortable and confident while on the water.

Class dates:
Delaware River - Sat. June 19, Jul 24, Aug 21
Spruce Run Reservoir - Sat. Jun 5, Jul 10, Aug 7
Time(s): 9:00am - 12:00pm
Cost: $79
See map for Delaware River (Poxono boat launch)
See map for Spruce Run Reservoir

Intro to Paddling class - Spruce Run Reservoir

Sign up for both the Intro to Paddling and Intermediate Paddling Skills classes and save $15(Price is $143 after discount).


Intermediate Paddling Skills
Challenge yourself to achieve more in your paddling endeavors! We'll start the day with a brief review of the basics. Then, we'll learn boat lean (edging), hip snap and bracing. These skills are the foundation of a good Eskimo roll. We'll combine these skills with the basics to learn new maneuvers including bow rudder and low brace turns. With these skills you'll achieve the comfort level and boat control necessary to paddle more challenging waters.

Class dates:
Spruce Run Reservoir - Sat. Jun 26, Jul 31
Time(s): 9:00am - 12:00pm
Cost: $79
See map for Delaware River (Poxono boat launch)
See map for Spruce Run Reservoir

Note: Until further notice I will not be offering any Rolling Lessons.

Learn how to right your boat without having to swim. A must for whitewater paddlers and an important safety skill for sea kayakers.

Rolling lessons will be scheduled as 1 hour private lessons at a time convenient to the instructor and student. They will take place at either the Delaware River (Delaware Water Gap section) or Spruce Run Reservoir. Upon registering I will contact you so we can determine a time and location that will fit.

Price is $100

What would you do if you accidentally tipped over your kayak? How would you help someone else back into their boat if they tipped? In this class you'll learn and practice self- and assisted-rescues, and develop strategies for dealing with different situations. Beginners to experts will feel safer and more confident on the water with these valuable skills.

Class dates: Sat Jul 31
Time(s): 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Cost: $79
See map

Private Instruction
A great way to focus on a specific skill you'd like to master or learn new ones in a one on one setting. Private sessions can be arranged for one or more people by calling us at 1-866-529-2532, filling out our contact form, or emailing us at

$75 per hour (2 hour minimum); Additional person $40/hour

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