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Kayak Tour Ratings

Tours are listed under a rating system that classifies the difficulty of the paddle.

Easy - no experience is necessary for these tours. These tours are great for families and paddlers of any skill level. Photographers, bird-watchers and anyone who wants to get outside and enjoy nature will also love them!

Intermediate - some paddling experience is preferred. These tours can present us with more difficult water and weather conditions such as wind, waves and tidal currents which may make the paddling more strenuous.

Challenging - previous paddling experience is required, preferably having taken our Intermediate Paddling Skills class or the equivalent. These tours will test your endurance as well as your paddling skills on more open bodies of water.

Variables, such as weather and boat traffic are difficult to determine when we are making the schedule. These ratings are just guidelines for our tours and a tour may present itself as something other than we have rated it, depending on these and other variables. Please call us at 1-866-529-2532 if you have any questions concerning your ability or the style of your boat to determine whether or not a tour is suitable for you.

Special Deals

10 tours for one low price:

For just $450 you can choose any 10 half day tours on our schedule. Choose from our weekend tours, Tuesday tours, holiday tours, sunset tours* and moonlight tours (*does not include the Statue of Liberty tour). Full payment must be made before your first tour. You may choose your tours at any time but pre-registration is required. This offer is not transferable. Valid within the same calendar year.

10 Tours for $450

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Private Kayak Tours

Private tours can be arranged for 1 or more people. Discounts are available for groups of 6 or more people.

2-3 hour tour - $75 per person with a minimum cost of $200.
4-6 hour tour - $100 per person with a minimum cost of $300.

Kayak Tour Info

Half-day, Tuesday, and sunset tours (except the Statue of Liberty sunset tour) are approximately 3 hours in duration. Full-day tours are approximately 6 hours in duration. Statue of Liberty sunset and primer, full moon and family day tours are approximately 2 hours in duration. All tours meet at the event site. After signing up for an event a confirmation email will be sent to you with all of the details, including directions to the event site. Single and tandem kayaks are available for all tours.

We recommend that you bring:

  • sunscreen
  • a brimmed hat
  • sunglasses with retainer strap
  • non-cotton clothes for paddling
  • shoes for the water
  • a change of clothes
  • towel
  • lunch
  • at least 1 liter of water

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